Awarding Criteria

     TagorePrize is a legacy to Rabindranath Tagore, his outstanding contribution to Indian and international literature, as well as to the cultural, educational and humane ideas he pursued throughout his life.

     Eligible are Indian poets, playwrights and novelists (poetry, drama, prose/fiction; short story, novel) writing in officially recognized languages or dialects of the Indian subcontinent, including English.

Accordingly, the criteria for winning the award are: 

  • creativity,
  • outstanding literary relevance,
  • promotion of peace and national, cultural and religious tolerance,
  • preserving linguistic and cultural heritage, and
  • being socially conscious in character.


The prize will be awarded for one extraordinary piece of work, or as a lifetime achievement. In the latter case, at least one representative piece of work should be available in English.

The laureate will be publicly announced on the presentation of the prize, and our social media – website, Twitter @tagoreprize and Facebook page @tagoreprize